Geert Bodewits

“IT is simply what I like most.”


Even though he doesn’t prefer high temperatures, the down to earth Dutchman Geert left the fresh and cold Netherlands in 1996 to move to the tropical island Curaçao. In July 2009 he applied for a job at ACS at Willo, who he knew from his previous employer. It was an instant match, as before.

A virus on a 386 computer caused by a floppy has been the reason for his interest in IT. Soon Geert also learned how to program and that’s how he discovered the endless possibilities of information and communication technologies. His career in the IT sector was born. Later on, he followed the right education and earned the necessary certifications.

Geert calls IT as ‘his thing’. When asking if he can be more specific about, Geert replies: “Everything, you name it.” He is a so called all-rounder. He likes the speed of new developments the most and he finds it most interesting to stay up to date about new technologies. “I’m always curious. I find it fun and interesting to learn new stuff.” Like all ACS employees, Geert is a real perfectionist. “I like to build a complete new IT environment, so I can arrange everything my way.”

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