Willo Perlot.

Manager director, founder, IT specialist, innovator ACS.

Peter Vermeij

“Take it or Leave it.”

Rodney Zimmerman

“We file everything.”

Geert Bodewits

“IT is simply what I like most.”

Siegyenne Copra

"Sometimes I work a bit harder, because I’m a woman."

Chloe Perlot

“I want to learn as much as Possible.”


We proudly introduce you to our team. The organization of ACS consists of a balanced mix of experienced IT engineers and young professionals. This pleasant harmony keeps our team sharp and up to date. Because of the flat organization structure and accessible open door policy, the working atmosphere at the office of ACS is informal and inspiring. This enables our staff to always search for the ultimate solution of your IT issue and to take it a step further. In short, we only deliver high quality services and products.

We have an all-round team, activities can be hand over smoothly when needed. Our clients will always be ensured of the required expertise.

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