Peter Vermeij

“Take it or Leave it.”


“IT just fascinates me. I believe that being very much interested is the number one condition to work in this industry”, says the longest-serving employee and CIO of ACS, Peter Vermeij.

Peter and Willo know each other for years already. They both have the same straightforward mentality. “Although, I do think that Willo is slightly more diplomatic. I’m more the take it or leave it type.” Peter is a true perfectionist. He gets satisfaction from his work by perfectly completing a technical environment to the last detail.

As one of the most experienced employees of ACS, with experience since 1986, Peter likes to share his knowledge with the others. His role within the team is not only technically, he is also supportive in a ‘guiding and moralistic’ way, as he calls it himself. Peter emphasizes the importance of a broad IT knowledge on the islands, but he also tells about his personal, more specific, interest. “At the moment I’m mostly interested in security of mobile data traffic. To ensure our clients safe mobile access to their data, anytime and anyplace.” It’s clear that security and data protection is getting more and more important to Peter, in the increasingly open and accessible world of IT. “Safety concerns me the most.”

Like the other ACS employees, Google is Peters best friend when it comes to collecting information about the newest IT developments. In his spare time, you will find him mostly in and around the house. He likes training his beloved dogs and diving in the Caribbean waters.

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