Rodney Zimmerman

“We file everything.”


In August 2007, Rodney walked into the office of ACS with his resume and cover letter under his arm, as he was looking for a job and saw the huge logo of ACS on the prominent building at the Fokkerweg when he drove off the Emancipation Boulevard. Willo hired the proactive and social ‘Yu di Kòrsou’ immediately.

Rodney and his wife lived in the Netherlands from 2000 till 2007. He was looking for a bit adventure and wanted to try something different. However, the lack of sun, sea and feeling at home was too big that they decided to return to the island, this time with no plans to leave.
Rodney works in the IT sector since 1995. At a young age he already tinkered with computers and printers, as a hobby without any related education or qualifications.

At his former employer he had the opportunity to develop more further in the IT sector. He took his chance, earned the necessary certifications and now he is one of the solid pillars and loyal technicians of the company. ACS is a good learning environment for Rodney. He calls Willo ‘a good leader’ and he’s still learning every day. “ACS is a very well organized company, we file everything. Meaning, we’re always up to date about the situation at our clients”, says the technician and lover of gospel music.

He chooses his words carefully when he talks about customer focus. “It’s important to take the wishes of the customer into account. Because in the end, that’s what it’s all about.” Like all techies of ACS who like to proceed thoroughly and structured, Rodney also prefers to build up environments and networks from scratch.

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