Siegyenne Copra

“Sometimes I work a bit harder, because I’m a woman.”


After finishing her study IT management in Arnhem successfully and gaining experience in the IT work field in the Netherlands for one year, Siegyenne quickly returned to her beloved island to pursue her career. Willo had spotted her talent within no time after she posted her resume online. Siegyenne is working at ACS since 2010. “Ideally, I prefer to install new projects from scratch, then I can decide everything myself”, says the cheerful ‘Yu di Kòrsou’.
As a female technician she works extra hard to prove herself in the IT sector, mostly dominated by men. “If people look surprised or act odd, it motivates me even more to do my best.”

Siegyenne believes it’s essential to keep informed about the latest developments in technology. She updates her certifications regularly. She calls the level of IT knowledge and quality of processes within ACS very high. “We are working neat and orderly, according to standards and structures. We follow the right steps. I think that’s very important. It’s one of the things why I like to work at ACS.”

In her spare time, Siegyenne spends much of her time behind her laptop, to play games and check Google for the latest news and developments in the IT sector.

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