Willo Perlot.


Willo is born in 1962. He moved from the Netherlands to Curaçao in 1989, in 2006 he founded ACS. With years of experience as a system developer, Willo is a true so-called ‘self-made man’. “The strength of ACS is our humility, I guess. We love what we do. We just do what we have to do and we do it with devotion. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m very straightforward as a person, but also as an employer and business partner. I’m always honest, even if I don’t have the capacity for a particular project or when things don’t go as planned, unfortunately. Because of the large amount of returning customers, I think this approach is appreciated.”

“I have a solid team, consisting of a loyal staff who have been around for years. This creates a certain stability and makes room for new ideas. I am constantly looking for new products and services. I love gadgets. You can find me in Miami regularly, looking for the latest gadgets and accessories to try at home first before I show them to my customers”, says the founder of ACS.

Keeping his existing clients satisfied is the biggest challenge of Willo. “Of course it’s important to bring in new customers, we’re working on that as well. But I find it more important to keep them, once they’re in. By immersing ourselves in the situation of our customers, we are able to proactively offer new products and services the customer has not even thought of. To be a true partner who thinks ahead about possible improvements, you have to have in-depth knowledge of all business processes. Meaning, showing genuine interest. There lies the challenge of ACS, but also my personal satisfaction. I like to surprise and amaze people”, Willo explains.

ACS is more than just a supplier of IT products and services, Willo rather calls ACS a strategic partner. “I contact my clients a lot. Between 8am and 5pm, but also after office hours with a glass of wine on the porch or in the middle of the night if there’s a major problem that can’t wait. That’s what partners are for.”

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