The benefits of a service contract

IT is meant to make our lives easier, to do our work faster and more efficiently. But, the moment technology turns against us, the effect is just the opposite… very frustrating! Are you often ‘losing’ documents, are you regularly plagued by viruses and spam, or tormented by the slowness of your laptop or pc? Then you probably neglect the IT environment of your company. It’s time to take action and to take better care of your IT environment in a preventive way!
With a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of ACS you get guaranteed proactive service, through which your system and network are always up to date. The result: less downtime and less frustration!

All the benefits of a SLA with ACS at a glance…

1 Less (major) problems
Prevention is better than recovery; this is exactly the essence of a SLA. By proactively managing and monitoring an IT environment, our specialists are able to identify issues in an earlier stage, before they become (major) problems with all its consequences.

2 A stable environment
Systems function optimally by updating the necessary software and security regularly. Result: a stable working environment, where you can rely on.

3 Cost saving
By monitoring and checking your IT environment in an consequent way, our technicians are able to detect issues sooner, before they become problems that are expensive to fix.

4 Doing more in less time
More uptime means you could get more things done in less time, isn’t that what we all want?

5 Less frustration
Better uptime also means less frustration. Because recovering systems and documents, or endless waiting for your slow laptop not only takes time, but also causes frustration, real waste of energy you can better spend on positive things!

6 Focus on core business
In short, with a fully functioning IT environment you have more time to get more things done and less frustration, which allows you to focus on your core business. Do what you are good at! That make sense, right?

7 Implementing new products easier
Do you need new software? Or do you have a new device? Installing and implementing new products is a lot smoother in a well-functioning IT environment.

Do you also want to get more things done in less time?
Mail ACS for a quote for a customized service contract:

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