The 10 benefits of two computer monitors

You have to get used to it in the beginning, working with two monitors, but then you can’t imagine a life without your second monitor. Guaranteed! Open multiple programs at the same time, drag documents easily from one folder to another and open tabs as much as you want, without losing the overview.

A two-month study commissioned by the American branch of NEC-Mitsubishi has shown that a dual monitor setup significantly increases productivity, as well as work enjoyment. With substantial percentages! A dual monitor setup increases your productivity with 20 to 30 percent.

Discover the benefits of efficiently working with two monitors and wave goodbye to ‘alt-tab’!

1 Spend less time browsing

Once you are working with two monitors, you realize how much time you wasted before on browsing through files, programs and emails.

2 Email faster

Drawing an email based on source material is much easier with two computer monitors. Compose your text on one screen, while you open the source information in your second screen.

3 Chat and work simultaneously

Handle customer inquiries via WhatsApp Web or Messenger and consult with your colleagues on the other side of the world via your chat box, while you’re creating that important quotation or writing an exciting blog on your next monitor.

4 Check online developments

Is up to date information important for your job? A smart marketer is always aware of the latest Tweets, posts, statistics and analytics, ready to respond on trending topics. Check all online traffic on your second monitor and don’t miss a thing!

5 Look into reports

Large reports are easier to read on two monitors. View comprehensive reports at a glance, ‘scan’ the various topics briefly and scroll directly to the section you are looking for.

6 Compare Products

Do you want to compare products online? Put them literally side by side!

7 Make less mistakes

The same US study which showed that users work considerably more productive with two monitors, also found that people make less mistakes with an extended monitor setup: 18 percent less.

8 It’s fun

The same survey also shows that nearly a quarter (24 percent) finds working with two monitors more comfortable and 39 percent finds it more convenient when scrolling through sources. In short, working with two monitors is much more fun!

9 Twist your second monitor

Do you need to process a lot of text every day? And do you have a lot of unused space on the sides of your screen? Twist your second monitor vertically and use the available space optimally. Ideal for programmers as well, who want to see as many code without scrolling. Please note that not all monitors offer this option, ask ACS for this specific possibility.

10 A straight neck

Are you now working on a laptop? In that case, an additional monitor at eye level will be a relief for your neck, shoulder and back.

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